Imagine a childhood without sweets and you see a missed treat!

Childhood without Sweets

There are a lot of things that can happen in this world and one I do not want to see is a childhood without sweets. We have talked about this before about how comforting a little chocolate can be during a stressful time. What do you think it will be like when at the end of another rough day there is no little treat? Simple treats can be a great end of the day.

Overnight Chocolate Rolls ready to serveThere does not even need to be a lot of the sweets at the end of the day to make a difference. Make a point to split a piece of pie with your child and be amazed what the topic of conversation can be. You may learn more than you ever expected too. This can be a simple thing if you make sure to store up some basic ingredients. Depending on how complicated that you want it to be you could store anything from wheat and honey to prepackaged cookie dough.

Monday Morning Cinnamon RollsOne thing that is fortunate in my household is that my children love the overnight cinnamon rolls. You can see that the ingredients are pretty simple. What are your plans to ensure that there is no childhood without sweets. Please leave a comment and let all our readers know what you have in the pantry.

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