How the local police force will take your guns if the time comes.

Local Police Force will take your guns

After reading a great article about how the local police force will take your guns I was saddened by the reality that it was not fiction. That article details exactly how any seizure of guns and a violation of your 2nd Amendment might happen. Please do not get me wrong. I have a heavy respect for all law enforcement personnel. I understand they are just trying to do a job. I find it humorous that the lower echelon of law enforcement as described in the article is the one I can relate to and get along with the best.

In my limited dealings with law enforcement I would tend to agree that the most reasonable are the local Sheriff Deputies. That does not mean that you can not find great Local Police Officers or State Police Officials as they are certainly out there and I have seen them. The reality though is that a the local Sheriff Deputies are the most similar to me.

That goes with being in a rural county. We share similar experiences with the same neighbors and most likely pitch in to help with whatever may come up. The sad fact is the local police force will take your guns if it is deemed worthy.

This is sad thinking and I hope I am wrong. I still have a lot of faith that the local folks will side with their neighbors and friends before the time comes. They play a crucial cog in keeping us all safe and upholding the law.


How the local police force will take your guns if the time comes. — 3 Comments

  1. C’mon, that article is an anarchist’s fantasy. Some departments will undoubtedly comply, especially in the bigger cities, most cops want to live, though. I be a lot of officers will be sick on those days.

    • Roger,

      Thank you for stopping by! I certainly hope that article is wrong and many Police Officers will stand up for the citizens they protect! I know here in the Old North State many more will do that than in other places.

      After talking with several different friends that are Law enforcement officers in the Rural, Suburban, and Urban areas in our state about issues similar to this I cam to this conclusion. The rural officers have a greater propensity to stand with the citizens than the urban.

      Fortunately most all of the police officers I know would stand with the citizens. I have a hard time understanding the mindset of one that would not that is similiar to the ideals of an anarchist.

      Both are extremes and not the beliefs and morals I was raised under.

      • If gun confiscation happens, it will have to be done by the military. Probably a guard unit from another state like they did during Katrina.