Honey bees!

Honey bees!

Something that had been in the back of our minds all of a sudden jumped up the list this year with the addition of honey bees. I have been fascinated by honey bees and the bee keepers ever since seeing someone capture a feral hive.

picture of two langstroth hivesI was amazed several years ago when that brave man attempted to capture the wild bees out of a pine tree. My friend and I cringed despite the swarm catcher’s insistence that everything would be all right when he stuck the chain saw into the trunk. I thought between the vibration and noise of the chain it was a recipe for a lot of stings.

Honey bees are an amazing creation that function as a unit and he did not suffer one sting while capturing the hive. As I have come to find out most bee keepers are very good people and helpful. He gave us a pint of honey from that tree and the taste was amazing. It had planted a bug.

picture of bee hive with boardman feederThat gnawing action was farther scratched when I discovered a local bee class that would teach the fundamentals of bee keeping. That class was great and truly a license to learn. After making some adjustments to priorities we decided to get some bees late in the Spring. This Mother’s Day the two packages of bees came home. We will have many more posts on the bee keeping in the near future. Please sign up to be notified of those posts.


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