Help Stop SOPA and PIPA

Stop SOPA and PIPA

What will you do if SOPA and PIPA kills the internet as we know it (Iawki)? Where would you get the information that you need to make fair and balanced decisions.

Stop SOPA and PIPA Blackbeard Jolly RogerMajor Companies are lobbying to pass bills that would be detrimental to the flow of freedom of information. It is time to Stop SOPA and PIPA now. Contact your representatives today to kill it.

Today is a blackout on the web to support the attempt to Stop SOPA and PIPA. Even the wordpress project has publically commented which is rare for them.

Who knows if it will do anything as Washington never seems to listen. I do know that if it happens the Internet will be killed and no longer a Gutenberg press. You be beholden to get the new that they want you to get when they want you to get it.

I encourage you to let your Representatives know your feelings.

Utilize the Downsize DC tools to get your message out. It is a great tool.

I also encourage all of you to support Ron Paul in his bid for the Presidency. He is our best shot to save this country.