Happy Independence Day 2014

Today as we celebrate all that is good with America. Happy Independence Day 2014! If you want to read about the Declaration of Independence then we talked about it last year. Today we are going to focus on a place that has been under the gun. The folks riding out the storm on Ocracoke Island are on my mind. Enjoy a fireworks finale from years ago on this day.

We have been praying that those hardy soles that inhibit the Outer Banks and all the residents of Eastern North Carolina made it through Hurricane Arthur safely. Now that it is daylight the inspection begins. Happy Independence Day 2014



Happy Independence Day 2014 — 1 Comment

  1. Based off preliminary reports from http://villagecraftsmen.blogspot.com/ it sounds like Ocracoke weathered another storm fairly well.

    “No Internet on the island, so a friend is posting this. Power is off. Thirty utility poles down. Highest recorded wind gust was 99 MPH. Minor damage to boats, tree limbs down. Everyone is fine, no tidal flooding. Philip will post as soon as possible. Many thanks for your good wishes. Hope everyone is safe, sound and dry.”