The pictorial proof of global food and the downfall

Global Food

If you have been reading here for any bit of time hopefully you know that we are big proponents of local food and try to support it. I saw this article with a picture of the global food production methods. It reminds me exactly of the fragility and problems that are inherit in the system.

nutella_mapIf you liked Nutella and purchase it there is nothing inherently wrong with that. The problem becomes if three or four of those countries that are needed to produce Nutella have some sort of disruption then there will be a shortage. We have discussed this several times about the potential failure points and they are still valid.

What can you do to prepare for any disruption. Each year it becomes more evident that the question becomes when and not if. You need to learn to produce it yourself and support your local farmer. Gaining those skills and having those relationships in place will no doubt serve you well now, but the ultimate reward will be life sustaining food.

As we talked about yesterday events have had me reviewing the water plan and it is that time of the year to what worked and what did not. We continue to turn away from the global food and more towards local. Your farmer will appreciate it! Please chime in and let us know your farmers name if you know one.

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