Get outside and get used to it!

Get Outside!

It is amazing to me how rarely some people get outside. Inevitably when they do they try to transport the accessories from a connected world outside. We have been having a fairly mild Spring and it appears that we will not get into the really hot stuff before Summer officially begins. There have been humid days and some hot ones but not any that seem typical for a June day in North Carolina.

I had the opportunity to get outside and be around a lot of folks. It is amazing the things that people take. Battery operated fans and cold towels are not what you expect to see when the temperatures are in the low 80°’s and a decent humidity. I even saw a few people that were treated for heat exhaustion. Have we really gotten so spoiled that to get outside is the rare thing?

I think this is a testament to where we are act with out conditioned environments. We have quickly lost and capability to endure the elements. If it rains people change plans and act like they will melt. If it is too hot they will hibernate in their house. Get outside and enjoy what mother nature has for us.

Not only should you get outside, but also enjoy the windows being u in your house. When was the last time you opened the windows in your home? There may come a time when you have to open the windows and endure the conditions. Learn to cope now and your will have one less stress to deal with then.

Get outside and go camping! Learn to deal with the conditions that humans have lived with for thousands of years. Hibernating in an air conditioned environment will do more harm than good. It is time to get outside and enjoy the changes in weather.


Get outside and get used to it! — 2 Comments

  1. Well said. We are a pampered nation and many will suffer when the AC goes away. I’m outside all day, almost every day, and I will suffer too.

    Good job!

    • Thanks Jason! We are indeed spoiled and have forgotten a lot of what the old Folks remember. I can only imagine the calamity that will ensue when a long power outage hits the South during the Summer.