Game Marbles used in Ringer for teaching

Game Marbles

Time to reach up on the shelf and get your Game Marbles down. We are going to teach the children how to play Ringer. They simply think they are going to learn a game of fun. Little do they know that they are being taught a game that has educated numerous generations. There are many lessons that we are giving up with all the new technology and fancy toys.
The game marbles are simply a work of art! How many of the current toys have been used for decoration over the years? As I talked about before game marbles were the first mass produced toy in America.

games marbles picture of Blue Jays

The first main reason to teach your children Ringer is to slow down and appreciate the history and beauty that surrounds with the game marbles. Until recent times there may not have been a mechanism able to store all the different rules and games that are played with marbles.

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Game marbles are used by children to foster imagination and appreciate beauty. Have you seen the art involved in a cat’s eye marble. Staring at marbles can almost be as mesmerising as star gazing or watching ocean waves. How often do children get to play the same game and sometimes even with the same marbles their grandparents played.

game marbles cat eyes pictureThe second big reason to put those game marbles to use are the educational possibilities. Did you ever stop and wonder what you could learn from playing Ringer?

The first step is learn how to shoot the shooter. There is a lot of skill and ability that needs to be developed. What better way for the child to learn the art of a backspin in case they later take up golf and try to stop the golf ball on the green.

The physics involved when the shooter transfers the motion to another marble is a great time to teach your child about objects in motion. Another thing a child gets to work on is hand-eye coordination. The development of critical thinking in deciding where to shoot and the social aspects of playing a game and winning or losing are aspects of the education.

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A simple game of Ringer contains almost unlimited potential for a child. I think the benefits for teaching marbles is to slow down and learn to appreciate the history and beauty in a simple game. The educational opportunities abound that gives parents the opportunity to teach their children many important things.

game marbles sun pictureSo grab your game marbles and teach a child to play Ringer. I am certain that along with these two excellent reasons the time spent together as a family will pay dividends long into the future.


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