Food Prices Up is no surprise!

Food Prices Up!

This does not come as a surprise to anyone that actually pays for groceries, however you know it is bad when the liberal media starts reporting that food prices are up. Welcome to the party of the people that have been living this. That is just one reason people ignore the official government statistics when they say there is no inflation.

We have talked about it many times and in the real world many people have been seeing their income shrink while food prices and taxes go up. Neither one are areas where you can trim much. That is one reason people get so frustrated when they see people with Food Stamps buying many of the luxuries and convenience items that can not be put in the cart.

The reality is we can about give up on any real solutions or answers from Washington. Any hope needs to come from the collective States. If the state of North Carolina tells the Federal government no and stands behind their convictions we have a chance. It is time to make a stand! Food prices up are nothing shocking to those that actually pay for their own groceries.


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