Firefighting Preparations need to be done now!

Firefighting Preparations

firefighting preparations 1

Helicopter coming in to scoop water

Many of us take for the granted that a simple call will bring help, but what firefighting preparations have you made to save your property and loved ones? A few simple things will keep your property and loved ones safe even if the firefighters do not come.

firefighting preparations 2

Water tank in the water

The first thing that you should make sure you have is a non-combustible zone around any buildings. This includes trees, bushes, and flammable mulch. The area of the zone should be directly related to the environment that the building is in such as woods or field.

firefighting preparations 3

Helicopter lifting 210 gallon basket

The next thing that can be done is to ensure you have functioning fire extinguishers around your property. The best way to extinguish a fire is to put it out before it gets to big.

firefighting preparations 4

Basket coming clear of water

The last step to ensure that you have the preparations to stop a fire on your property in the case that the firefighters do not come is water. Access to a lot of water is critical and hopefully some with pressure. The more pressure you can apply with a large volume of water could spare your property.

firefighting preparations 5

Basket clear of water

Thanks to all the dedicated fire fighting professionals and volunteers we know that only the gravest of situations would not bring these brave people out. We are lucky that they will go into burning buildings and train to ensure our property and loved ones are taken care of.

firefighting preparations 6

Gaining Altitude

Please remember that in the case of fire the best thing to do is exit the building and wait for the firefighters. One beneficial thing you can do is to join the local volunteer fire station and train to put out fires. That is the ultimate firefighting preparations, but if you do not I hope these three tips will help keep your property and loved ones safe from fire in the event of a natural disaster.

firefighting preparations 7

Making the turn to dump basket

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