Festivus 2015


Today is the Festivus for the rest of us! All Seinfeld fans rejoice. The show that was about nothing taught the world about a special tradition. I especially like the “Airing of Grievances” as that will certainly set the tone for the Family portion of the upcoming Christmas get together.

FestivusYou have to admire the simplicity of the Festivus Pole. It carries a “high strength to weight ratio” and certainly does not require much decoration. I think we all can agree the pole should have no grease applied and please do not put the pole outside in freezing conditions and test sticking your tongue to it.

The one Festivus tradition I want no part is the the “Feats of Strength”. That just has bad endings written all over it. There may be a trip to the hospital after that particular event.

I certainly hope that you have a great Festivus today. It was a great episode and even saw Kramer to go back on strike. Sometimes you have to smile and make a donation to the Human Fund!

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