Dysfunction in Washington proves fat cutting needed!

Fat Cutting

Today among the dysfunction someone attempted to ram the White House gate and it occured to me that there is some more fat cutting needed in Washington. This is not earth shattering but obviously overlooked unless someone comes up with a good reason.

The obvious result to more fat cutting starts with the police force. Perhaps someone can explain why you need a Capital Police Force and a Metro Police Force. I give you that the primary mission of the Capital Police Force is all about the Capital however if you combine both forces you can at least save the costs on a police chief.

This can be done easily and there are examples out there like the Charlotte Mecklenberg Police Force. Not even looking that closely I would dare say that they have more territory to cover then in Washington. I imagine that if you got to looking you could see more synergies in DC and make further reductions in duplication and deliver a better police force at less cost.

Who the heck am I kidding given the dysfunction in Washington, but this is just one small example of some of the fat cutting that can be done. Perhaps if they actually tried to cut spending and not cut the rate of increase they would find unique ideas.

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