Domestic Enemies the reconquista by Matt Bracken

Domestic Enemies

Domestic Enemies The second book in Matt Bracken’s trilogy Domestic Enemies the Reconquista is another edge of your seat read. This takes place roughly five years after his first book.

The United States has suffered a Great Depression and the continued march to a New World Order. The United States is fractured with disease running rampant on the east coast, the southwest uniting under Hispanic rule, and “free states” in what would be referred to today as the American Redoubt. Of course Texas is standing by herself.

Does that sound anything remotely like current events? My friend we are not that far from that scenario. The lead character in this novel is of course Ryana Bardiwell. We first see her with Phil Carson sailing in the tropics and South America. The only reason she left was they were assured that it was safe to come home and she wanted her child to be a US citizen.

Well you should know by now that is not how Mr. Bracken develops his characters. She is imprisoned for five years before she can take off to claim her child. Adventures await the pretty Ryana.

Mr. Bracken goes deep into the history of the Aztlan movement and exposes his readers to a very real threat. He delivers a very well researched novel that shows one potential problem the United States faces.

I have enjoyed his novels immensely. I have read this book twice in the last 9 months. It was that good and warranted a second read. There are many things that you can pick up and look out for.

I encourage my readers to consider a Matt Bracken novel the next time they are choosing a book. His degree from Mr Jefferson’s university ensures that he has the smarts. He proves that he knows how to shoot. Now sit back and let him take you on a well planned trip.

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