D-Day Minus Three Operation #EFAD March 1

Operation #EFAD March 1

I think Operation #EFAD March 1 will show that the Internet is once again the newest innovation of the Gutenberg Press. The success of this operation will help Matt Bracken but also all Patriots in this country.

Gadsden_flag Liberty versus TyrannyThe success of Operation #EFAD March 1 will directly be tracked by how many free downloads will take place and when it becomes the #1 free book on Kindle. It will make the main stream media (MSM) sit up and notice what Matt describes as “dangerous and seditious anti-government novel” that has been published since 2003.

The storyline described and out of control BATF (Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms) that attempts to launch a Civil War in the United States. This was long before the BATF actually attempted something very similar in Fast and Furious. The fact that there has not been a higher outrage over fast and furious shows we have become numb.

The numbing is wearing off the American people and we are no longer beholden to the MSM to educate and inform us about the actions of our government. The invention of the Gutenberg Press is credited with the adoption of freedom throughout the world. It is interesting that a newer version will help us regain a foothold on freedom.

There is no doubt that the government wants to limit the internet like they tried with SOPA/PIPA and will no doubt try again. It is events like Operation #EFAD March 1 that scare them and shock them. They understand that without control over information like they enjoy with MSM then the people may actually wake up.

I would encourage everyone to download the book Enemies Foreign and Domestic on March 1st. I thoroughly loved the book as I talked about before. It is one way that we can start taking back this country. It will open eyes in this country as to the possible depths the Federal Government can go and the importance of maintaining the Right to Keep and Bear arms granted by the 2nd amendment.

Hit Operation Enemies Foreign And Domestic Fast And Furious on March 1.