2 reasons for a Conversation between Two People

A Conservation between Two People

Want an easy way to have a conversation between two people? If you ever saw the movie Hope Floats you may remember those words. I can honestly say that it works well depending on the situation.

conversation between two people with Sandra Bullock

The Beautiful Sandra Bullock

The movie of course stars Sandra Bullock and Harry Connick Jr. In one scene his character says to Sandra

” Dancing’s just a conversation between two people. Talk to me.”

What an elegant way to define the art of dancing. I am reminded time and time again that what matters in life is the conversation.

  1. People tend to remember the conversations and the time spent together more than the actual words spoken. There are times when the words are important but our minds can also be imprinted by the details. Have you ever had an evening where you do not know what was talked about, but you can remember what you were wearing and the smell of the candle wafting through the air. That is one of those times when the actual art of having a conversation when far and above the actual conversation.
  2. No matter who is watching the gentle touching while dancing is more important than what is actually happening. My daughter asks me to dance with her at least once a day. Who can turn down that sweet request. One day when she grows up she will remember that Daddy danced with her, but she will not remember the actual songs that we danced to.

I encourage everyone that reads this to make a new pledge, which given the time of the year we can also call it a resolution, that they will make an effort to converse with their special loved ones on a daily basis. Whether you choose to do it with words or the soft rhythmic steps known as dancing is up to you. The important part is to have a conservation between two people.


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