Commerce Clause often Abused

Commerce Clause often Abused

The reality is that there are many cases where the Federal government oversteps the bounds and in a majority of cases the commerce clause often abused. In this article the Amish prosecuted because scissors ‘crossed state lines’. From my understanding the two factions of Amish involved in this had a Hatfield/McCoy type of relationship.

The reality is that one side did indeed transport the clippers across state lines in order to cut off the beards of the other side. The fact that they were manufactured in one state, purchased in another state, and then taken to a third state should not justify the Federal government to invoke the commerce clause. They only did that to bring maximum sentencing under Federal hate guidelines.

The maximum sentencing of 15 years seems awfully long considering the crime was cutting off a beard when you have people that knowingly get behind the wheel of a vehicle when drunk and kill someone and get last time. There are continued usurpation’s by the Federal government and the commerce cause often abused is a likely route to do it. This sets a dangerous precedent that our States should be actively fighting.

Think about what you have purchased that was made elsewhere. The use of that could lead us all to be labeled felons. I encourage you to talk to your State representatives and demand they stand up for your rights.

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