Collapse (New America) America will Fall by Richard Stephenson

Collapse (New America) America will Fall

Today we talk about Collapse (New America) by Richard Stephenson! This one was a fast reading book for me and kept me turning the pages. It certainly presented some new beliefs in how the United States could fall apart.

There is no doubt that isolationism has found the new America in Mr. Stephenson’s tale. It is in the midst of the second great depression and the Empire of Iran is threatening the world. This was set in 2027, but could easily be set in today’s time.

This story seems to have it all as it is full of intrigue and the character development is very good. The plot tends to keep the reader interested and since it is the first book inĀ  a series it will be interesting to see how future developments take place.

I enjoyed the novel and will be on the watch for future instalments to see how exactly how far america will fall and how they recover.


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