Churches Give Up Non Profit Status

Churches Give Up Non Profit Status

I have long believed that a spiritual revival is needed badly today and the churches should lead the way! There are many reasons that Christianity is under attack and personally I think churches should give up their non-profit status. That is the only way to speak the truth from the pulpit.

Many people do not understand that churches are supposed to restrict what is said. In the eyes of the US government the speech should be limited and churches should not be used by politicians to garner votes. While no one wants politicians to campaign in churches there should be little doubt what God’s word means and how it should be implemented.

Let there be little doubt that the IRS is paying attention as this recent editorial relates. The irony is that the US government would not dare monitor a mosque for intel, but holds no qualms about monitoring and influencing what is preached by Christian churches. There is a simple answer to break those chains.

Simply churches giving up non profit status would no longer let the US government dictate what is being preached in the pulpit. You would now have Pastors that could speak the truth about current events and laws! The only downside is that donations would no longer be tax deductible. That would help purge the churches of those that hearts and wallets are in the wrong place.

God does provide and he does not need tax exempt status to do it. The real believers would still donate funds to the churches and you would most likely see a ton of new Christians. The simple reason is because of the return to the values that God outlines in the Bible.


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