Chicken Powered Soil is one way to improve your plantings!

Chicken Powered Soil

Over the summer we have slowly been getting chicken powered soil. It is building up the richness and diversity of the soil that can only improve any future plantings. We talked about the chicken tractor that we are using and I figured I would give you some pictorial proof of the benefits.

Chicken Powered Soil After Rest

Chicken Powered Soil After Rest

You too can benefit from rich soil that we have talked about before. In this situation you are importing the fertilizer by purchasing chicken feed and letting them convert it to usable fertilizer. This style allows for a more organic approach and less chance of runoff.

We have been happy with the effects of the chicken tractor, but we do not get it moved as often as we would like. There are numerous reasons for not moving it and chief among them is the problem with moving it. The tongue needs some repairs before it becomes a one person job again. The tractor is heavy enough that one person moving it is hard anyway.

Chicken Powered Soil in need of a rest

Chicken Powered Soil needing rest

There are benefits to leaving it in place for a longer amount of time, but it also needs more rest before it can be used. The soil needs to recuperate and then the growth will rocket off. In the picture above this was a place where the chickens were kept to ensure maximum shade for the high heat we have been having. It will take a little bit, but I anticipate that it will soon be a very rich green area.

The ideal movement for our chicken tractor to build chicken powered soil is one day. The picture below is after the chickens have been on it for two days. The rest time is much shorter and will still see the benefits of being fertilized by the chickens.

Chicken Powered Soil after 2 days

Chicken Powered Soil after 2 days

I hope that you see the difference that you can make with chicken powered soil in a little time. By importing the chicken feed and letting them convert it too fertilizer you are building the soil while enjoying all the aspects of raising poultry.




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