Canning Green Beans

Canning Green Beans

It is that time of the year when you can benefit from a productive garden. Lately it has been time for canning green beans. This is a simple process and will be enjoyed long after the fresh harvest time has passed. We are very grateful to some friends that allowed us to come pick some green beans from their garden.

Canning Green Beans 2 of 3Utilizing the current recommendations we processed the green beans in a pressure canner for 25 minutes at 10 lbs. Please check your guide for the proper time and pounds for your location.

Canning Green Beans 3 of 3This will help extend the season longer into fall and winter and the best part of it is we know exactly how these beans grew. There were no pesticides used on this garden and the pests have stayed away for the most part.

Canning Green Beans 1 of 3This is a quick way to put food up for your family. The benefits from starting a gardening, weeding a garden, and picking a garden provide immediate benefits. So does eating raw green beans or freshly steamed ones from the garden. These quarts will be appreciated much later this year.

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