Time to raise up some brave boys!

Brave Boys

Always one of the few places I check out is Rural Revolution and she has a great article about the fight for masculinity. This is a superb piece that highlights that we need brave boys. There is an agenda to take away the real men. I guess someone thinks that if that happens they will have greater control.

It almost breaks my heart when I see a bunch of boys huddled around a tablet playing games when they could be outside. There is no doubt that every boy needs a heavy dose of outside time. I want to make sure that I raise my children with a heavy respect for guns. They are a neccessary tool that we have talked about before. They also deserve respect.

You have to teach a boy how to handle a weapon and part of that is letting them use it and see what it is capable of. I know my son got a recent understanding of that when he saw the muzzle flash on one shot from the hunting rifle. I was able to explain to him that it happens every time and a result of an explosion.

What brave boy does not need to know this. I have high expectations and demand that he respect women and learn to provide for them and his family. There is nothing wrong with that and it is obvious that message has been lost in a lot of households. We will need these brave boys if we ever want to correct the course this country has taken.

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