Bracken Reports on a Failure of Civility

Failure of Civility

Today I figured was a good one to see Matt Bracken throw out info on a Failure of Civility. Based off his description it sounds like a good book to pick up and review.This will teach you how to protect your family, friends, neighborhood, and the USA. That is a pretty austere goal.

The reality is that we should all be thinking how to protect our families. What are you doing to learn now and prepare for any occasion. This seriously can be life or death and if the worst case never happens then at least you were prepared in case it did happen.

During his review Mr. Bracken talked about how this was a good textbook for a disaster. He painted the picture as his mighty pen can about a group sitting around a camp fire and reviewing this book. That is a perfect scenario to spend a little time deep in thought.

It is easy to think about when we are comfortable, but what about when stress levels are high and your children are hungry? There are numerous people that deal with that every day and if we all find ourselves in that situation it will be harsh. What are you doing today to get ready? Have no doubt that there are others planning on taking yours when there is a failure of civility. Perhaps this could be money well spent.


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