Beware the Ides of September?

Beware the Ides of September

Now many people are familiar with the warnings for March, however should we really beware the Ides of September? There is a lot of history with the US stock market in September with large declines. I was reading about the precursor this year and there are some good points.

One good point is if we will even make September as currently the stock markets in Asia are down. This in an indicator that things are continuing to fall. There are warning signs all around that things are not rosy. Talking to different people I have not encountered too many that are optimistic about short term economic prospects.

The whole reality is that most people will agree there will be turbulence in the short term. The stock market traditionally declines at the end of the Summer. What can we do to get ready? Make sure you have water and food. That is a great first steps and something we should all be have ready.

For those in the Old North State this is also the time we need to be ready for Tropical Storms. Beware the Ides of September for sure. No matter if it is man made or Mother Nature we should all be ready for some turbulence.

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