Best Boots Bar None

Best Boots

Want a peek at the best boots I have ever had? I have had only the best experience with this company period. I am just a satisfied customer and have received nothing from them except what I purchased.Best BootsYou can tell from their logo that they are proudly Made In USA. The company tagline is “Not Made in China! Not now,Not ever, NEVER!” I love a company that thinks like me.

I was amazed at the variety of the selection. I ended up getting exactly what I wanted in brown and black.

Best Boots Brown

8" Pony Brown Insulated Waterproof Boot

I love having a taller boot and so I opted for the 8″ model. Please forgive the looks of the boot as I did nothing to them and they have been well used.

Best Boots Black

8" Battalion Black Insulated Waterproof Boots

Hands down the best boots I have ever worn. I wear them almost as much as 1 other pair I had in the past. You will not go wrong by buying from and will be supporting Made In USA. Now as the late Paul Harvey said the rest of the story…..

My favorite pair of boots before these were a pair of Timberland 7 eyelet Chuckas. This was back when they actually made their boot in America and the quality was superb. I wore those boots out plain and simple. They were replaced by cheap China knock-offs with a “trendy” thick tongue. That caused me to stop buying Timberland and I needed new boots.

I had heard about Georgia boots and Red Wings, but was not impressed. A friend of mine had some Wiggy’s boots. He loved them because his foot did not sweat even in the summer. So when I looked they were selling out of the boots and did not have my size.

I looked up Wellco hoping perhaps they were stocking them with the Lamilite insulation and did not see anything I wanted. There Made In USA selection is pretty limited even though they supply the US military.

Somehow in a way that escapes me I found Allegiance Footwear. These guys were contract manufacturers for Wellco so that was a plus in my opinion. Then in doing my due diligence I discovered that two of the managers from the Timberland Boot factory founded the company. These were when Timberland actually had quality boots.

I was sold now and I chose my best boots and placed my order. I think I placed my order on a Monday and I swear I had by boots on Tuesday. I was shocked when I opened the box and they were there. I have loved these boots and they even went up a notch with their follow up. 6 months after placing the order I got 1 follow up email asking if I was still satisfied with my purchase.

Why yes I am and in my opinion it is companies like Allegiance Footwear that are what made this country great. Fantastic products, flawless execution, superb follow up, and a stellar guarantee is exactly what I like to support. Do yourself a favor and choose AFboots the next time.

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