Why basic firearm training is an important Preperation

Basic Firearm Training

There is little doubt that basic firearm training is a great thing. I will try an explain why it is a vital thing and one needed by all Patriots. I was listening to the Dave Champion Show years ago and he read  and article by Lt. Col Dave Grossman about On Sheep, Wolves and Sheepdogs.

Grossman breaks people into three categories. First you have the Sheep who typically are the unsuspecting people of the world. You know this type as the ones that nothing will ever happen to them. They may or may not have basic firearm training. If the world ended today they would be expecting people to politely knock on their door and ask to have some food. These people would never intentionally hurt someone else.

The next group he refers to is the wolf. The wolves are feasting on the unsuspecting sheep. There is indeed evil out there and many people think nothing of taking someone’s possessions. The wolves are the type of people that would be labelled the Golden Horde. I explained the Golden Horde recently to someone as a group that will take your food and preps by force if necessary to enable their survival in TEOTWAWKI.

The last group is the sheepdog. The sheepdog or their actions may or may not be liked by the sheep until the wolves are prowling. Sheepdogs live and train to defeat the wolves. The majority of police officers would be stereotyped as a sheepdog as well as a lot of our soldiers. A lot of times we can substitute the word hero in place of the sheepdog.

basic_firearm_trainingThis was an excellent article that simplifies the concept for people. As a human and member of society we can choose which we want to be. If you are a sheep and have no knowledge of firearms there is nothing stopping you from becoming a sheepdog. Basic firearm training is a first step in shedding your wool.

Dave Champion made a great point that stuck out to me about the government being a wolf. The common misconception in society is that only sheepdogs can be law enforcement or soldiers. There are private citizens that relish in the fact that they are protecting their flock. Can you say concealed carry permits?

If we agree that there are private citizens that have a sheepdog mentality than we must also agree with Champion that the government can be a wolf. Our founding fathers knew that if given a chance a tyrannical government would develop that threatens the inalienable rights endowed by our creator. They guaranteed a check and balance for the wolves would be in place by the ratification of the second amendment.

That amendment guarantees the need for a well regulated militia and citizens the right to bear arms. The reason the founding fathers included this was to protect a free state from wolves. The only two things that can threaten a free state are external and internal attackers. The former is clearly something that we will fight vigorously. The latter is something that we should also fight with the same vindication.

The gun is the equalizer as we talked about after Jimmy Callaway “threatened” the East Carolina campus with his gunbrella. We are living in a time where more sheepdogs are needed. The practice must start now. If you are aware of the problem and simply look away just go ahead and say baaa! If you are convicted to become a sheepdog than certainly start with basic firearm training. As you advance in your training and outlook perhaps you can qualify as a rifleman and become the ultimate Patriot which is a sheepdog called a minuteman.


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