How has America Gone stupid in the last 100 years?

America Gone Stupid

I fear for anyone not scratching their head wondering if truly America gone stupid over the last 100 years. It is amazing to me the comments one hears while the latest media coverage is being drilled into us. Whether you are talking about the tragedy in Colorado, Texas, or Pennsylvania there is plenty of fodder. Then you have the commercials from the latest political race.

No matter what side you fall on the insanity really makes one wonder just how far down the rabbit hole America is. There are numerous complaints about why someone has an AR15 or why they would need so much ammunition. How come the simple answer can’t be because they choose to. One person that violated numerous laws should not punish it for the anyone else.

If you are here illegally you are already breaking the law. It is a shame when anyone loses a life but imagine having 23 people stuffed into a Ford pickup truck. That is part of the issue as we do not know how to respect any laws. You would have thought we might have learned after the terrorist attacks by hijacked air-planes.

Nope after we spend trillions of dollars on Homeland Security they still can’t keep illegal aliens from taking flight classes. The worst part is the owner of the school was here illegally as well. Yep I feel really safe that the Department of Homeland Security is protecting us. Remember they are from the government and are here to help.

The disgust factor with government entities of course reach a low level earth orbit with what happened in Happy Valley. There is no doubt that there were clear warning signs about Sandusky. The legacy of Joe Pa is forever tarnished as we have talked about before. Remember this is a state supported school that is a large recipient of the US tax dollars.

Why is it that large amounts of our tax dollars go to these things that are not solved, seem to be never enforced, and seem to only get bigger? It makes you wonder how America gone stupid really is old news. The answer will not be solved by continuing down the same path. Get ready now before it is too late.

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