The quest for the True Cost for a gallon of Milk is yet to be determined

True Cost for a gallon of Milk

During the recent debacle in Washington where further proof was shown that it should be cut severely I was left wondering what the true cost for a gallon of milk was. One of the scare tactics that they were floating and spreading in the media was that Milk prices would double. Now we know their is some manipulation in the prices, but the expiration of a Farm Bill should not cause the price of milk to double overnight.

dairy cowThe burning question that I am left with is what is the true cost for a gallon of milk. Until we know the answer to that it would be hard to make an informed decision. If the current delivery mechanism of milk needs to be at $7.00+ for a  gallon of milk for everyone to prosper and the government is subsidizing that then the public needs to know.

If the cost of a gallon of milk does not need to be $7.00+ then exactly what was the scare tactic for and what is it hiding. The amazing thing about the United States is that the people have always innovated and delivered to meet needs. I am certain that if we get the government out of the way then milk could be delivered better and more economical. There would also be those that are willing to pay more for raw milk as we talked about before.

The important thing to find out it is what the true cost for a gallon of milk really is. Once we know that then you can make educated decisions. I am hoping that one of my readers has some insights. I know Joel Salatin believes a dairy is one of the greatest potential profit centers for a farm, but current government regulations prevent it. Please weigh in your thoughts below.

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