As time ticks by and they stay the same

Time Ticks By

Welcome to 2014 it is amazing to me that we are here and yet time ticks by and we realize it all seems to be the same. I was reading the accounts from Franklin county and see that although the story line changes the facts are generally the same.

The basic premise is that what seems to be a upstanding new clerk of court discovered a long neglected part of the courthouse that was used to store old documents. The reality seems to be that the State Department of Archives told them how to dispose of them years earlier. In case you can not figure it out they failed to heed the instructions.

So now decades later this clerk of court is trying to do her duty to the people and make sure the records are preserved and disposed of in a proper manner. The sad thing that is often repeated lately is a government that over steps the bounds and under the cover of darkness on a Friday night the records are burned.

No one will know what records were destroyed and what they may be able to help people understand or verify things. The reality in this situation is that the people are punished and the government feels like this is acceptable. We should toe the party line and accept that they can do whatever they want.

Here is hoping that we will not blindly follow the other sheep of the cliff. The reality is that any and all government activities should be scrutinized and questioned as they prove on a daily basis they can not be trusted.


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