Take care of each other Kansas

Take Care of Each Other Kansas

Today I was reading about a perfect response by the Governor of Kansas and it proves that we should all rally and especially in the Jayhawk state take care of each other. The basic premise is a fundamental state right, which has been done in other states, is that Kansas passed a law that states any firearm manufactured, sold, and used in Kansas would not be susceptible to any Federal firearm law.

Gadsden_flag Liberty versus TyrannyThe crooked general of the United States Eric Holder sent a letter to the Governor reminding him that Federal law trumps the state law and Federal officers would not be prosecuted for enforcing the law in Kansas. The Governor fired back and said not so fast. I wish more states would show the Federal government this attitude.

We need to remind the Federal government that they have limited powers for a reason. If something is made, sold, and used in Kansas and the citizens of that state support it then Washington DC has no reason to intervene. This is a great show by the state of Kansas. We need to take care of each other Kansas. We should be lining up in support of Kansas.

If they dare declare Kansas in a state of insurrection then the new rally point will be the Jayhawk state. The only response needed from here on out to Holder should pull from the television series Jericho. That is right I hope any further communication from Holder is responded with Nuts!

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