Senator Paul Filibuster delivers hope for Freedom and Liberty!

Senator Paul Filibuster delivers hope

The day of March 6th 2013 will go down as the Senator Paul filibuster delivers hope for freedom and liberty to America and shows the future of the party. The reality is that it is simply amazing to me that a US Senator even needs to talk for over 13 hours for something as important as a US President needing to fulfill due process before killing someone via a drone. This is still America and we were treated to a little history.

The art of a filibuster is nothing new, but in these days of twitter and other social media it can have a huge impact. There were tweets read on the senate floor by Senator Cruz to inspire hope for America. There should be no question or debate that freedom and liberty are paramount.

If you support freedom and liberty you will see the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights are the guiding principles of this country. We can not sacrifice these for any false security or to any one person. The reality is that drones should not be flying in America and very few would stand up and state that. Cheers to Senator Rand Paul and those that took up the Senate floor in support of the American people.

Just when the hope and dreams of a lot of people were fading the Senator Paul filibuster delivers hope to many. There are rising stars in the Republican Party that were made tonight. There should be no surprise that Senator Rand Paul is at the head of the list. Thank you Senator for standing up for our rights even though my two Senators would not.


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