Freedom & Liberty are in danger but preppers privacy is gone!

Preppers Privacy

Confirmation of a Preppers Privacy being gone was reinforced when I was a reading an article about market research via ebooks This confirms what I have long known. While the technology is a great thing the vendor, whether it is Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or any other marketer does not save the place in your book for altruistic reasons.

Amazon_Kindle_3 a thorn in preppers privacySince the invention of the Gutenberg Press around 1440 that we have discussed briefly people have read books for a variety of reasons. A lot of people would highlight or physically mark specific passages for later review. Through the advance of technology you can now highlight the relevant pieces of  information that I have utilized here. That gives me a very handy way to find information. It is quicker than searching through my color coded highlighter methods.

There is a cost to that ease as now Corporations can utilize that to see what we are reading and how we are reading it. I like the technology, but I do not want anyone to know what particular passage I might find useful. This lead me to thinking what other areas that a preppers privacy is violated.

There have been notable examples from appearing on television like David Sarti. I really like the way that LowBuck Prepper has done his show as it shows the positive side. There are numerous ways that a preppers privacy is violated. The most glaring is the attachment of being a Ron Paul supporter, gun owner, and prepper as the Department of Homeland Security has labelled that type of individual as a Home grown terrorist. No doubt they have the drones lined up ready to take one out here in CONUS.

Gadsden_flag Liberty versus TyrannyThe other big area that will violate a preppers privacy is on the internet. Utilizing the different preppers media channels also puts your information out there. There is some Operational Security concerns that one should be mindful of. There is a reason that some of us put it out there. I know I do it to get the information out there and make people think. Hopefully that will cause them to be prepared.

There is a grave concern with a preppers privacy and should be treasured. No matter what the best thing is to be prepared. Just learn and teach the children the old World War II adage that “Loose Lips sink ships” so you can try and maximize a preppers privacy.

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