Nothing beats Experience can be applied in almost every facet of life!

Nothing Beats Experience

Thomas_Jefferson_garden_at_MonticelloIt takes time or maturity to learn that nothing beats experience! It does not matter how much money or knowledge one has the reality is that actually doing something is the defining moment. I have shared my troubles with gardening and my three readers know I value experience, but I think Patrice Lewis does a superb job of reiterating my points.

No matter what aspect of your life you are talking about I would advocate that until you have experience doing it you will not truly understand it. If you find yourself lacking in experience in a particular area it is often easy to make judgements or conclusions and think that you cane easily overcome it.

tomato_prepI know I am certainly guilty of thinking my knowledge or money could overcome not knowing how to do something. We often are reminded that we should seek the wisdom of our elders, but in today’s world we tend to not follow that sage wisdom. We tend to snap to judgements and do what we think is best.

If you were playing for all the marbles would you really want to depend on the money or knowledge or have first hand experience. I would remind you that nothing beats experience. I do not care if you are talking about prepping, gardening, living life, or your relationship with God.

CFL Flounder Lights showing FlounderThe ways of this world are built on a dependence on technology, cheap petroleum, taxes, and money. You are a slave if you are dependent on any one of those things. We have traded true relationships for these things. We have sacrificed our families and relationship with God to continue our ascent and one day we may realize that it was all for naught.

There was a time in our ancestors lives that freedom, self reliance, and a relationship with God was first and foremost in their daily lives. We have sacrificed that to serve a master that will continue to chew us up. How do we get off the treadmill.

Thomas Jefferson Agrarian Ideal MonticelloAs I have been advocating and Mrs. Lewis so eloquently states it is by learning the practical steps to make it happen. Nothing beats experience and if our very lives depend on it then no amount of money or knowledge will substitute.

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