Sometimes the most dramatic speeches are short and sweet!

Most Dramatic Speeches

This is a week full of what some would like to be the most dramatic speeches ever given. No matter where you fall on the political line it is interesting that this week the Main street media (MSM) only covered one speech a night for the most part. You would have to access other means to see the other speeches. Something tells me that next week we will see a lot more speeches. They may even broadcast the janitor.

I rarely pay attention to what the MSM wants me to hear except to mutter under my breath, but if they put on the janitor then we will all know. I certainly do not put much stock in what a politician says as I tend to focus on their actions. Whether they have a R of D associated I am not sure it matters. I tend to focus on what I can do and how I can be prepared better for the future. The time is coming and the results from the election in November may just delay or speed up the trouble.

There is no man that knows the exact time and that is what the Bible tells me. Then I was reminded we have a perfect example of some of the most dramatic speeches. My son was studying about John 2:1-10 when Christ, Jesus turned the 6 stone jars full of water into wine. This was one of the great examples of God providing as they were not prepared for the party.

I certainly believe that God will provide, but he also instructs us to be prepared as well. One interesting part to me as we were discussing it was not that the water was turned to wine. That is an amazing fact and one that was done as water was not trusted back then. The wine was used as a safe drink. The interesting part to me was the interaction with his mother.

Christ, Jesus asked his mother why she would involve him as it was not yet his time. He simply told the servants to fill the jars with water and take them to host. That is the simplicity and one of the reasons it is one of the most dramatic speeches. Christ, Jesus acknowledged that it was not yet his time, but he produced tangible results.

How many of the politicians that are trying to give the most dramatic speeches are going to produce tangible results? It may or may not be their time, but they will never admit it. The Bible is full of perfect examples of where our focus should be. Do not put your hopes and dreams in some politicians hands! Learn to discern the real meaning and expect tangible results. Until then it is all talk and BHAG! Now is the right time and the right place for new leadership. We have a shining example of how it should be done.

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