3 reasons to add Homestead Meat Rabbits to your your farm today!

Homestead Meat Rabbits

There are numerous reasons to add homestead meat rabbits and today I can give you the three reasons that we chose to add them. We have been very happy with our decision to add rabbits to our homestead.Homestead Meat RabbitsThe first reason we wanted to add rabbits is the nutritional value of rabbit meat. It is lower in saturated fat, lower in cholesterol, lower in sodium, and higher in protein than chicken, beef, or pork. There are some that will complain that a diet high in rabbit lacks enough fat. I was sold when I came to find out that rabbit meat was the protein of choice on US subs in World War II. It took up less space and was healthier for them.

The health aspect is certainly appealing but also the reality that they well breed like rabbits. That may or may not be true in some cases, but two does(female) and one buck(male) can put over 300 pounds of meat on the table in one year.

That is a lot of potential meat and does not stress the doe. The gestation for a rabbit is 31 days.They will pull their fur and build a nest usually about day 28. The milk from a doe is very rich and allows kits(babies) to quickly gain weight. They are ready for weaning at 6-8 weeks. Some people will process at 8-12 weeks and dress out at 3 to 5 pounds. You would be hard pressed to find another meat source with that capability that can be contained in such a small space.

The small space that a meat rabbitry can occupy is also one of the reasons that we chose rabbits. They are quiet and can be contained indoors as well if need be. That is a huge benefit when you are looking for a lot of options. Typically the referenced rabbitry as described can utilize as little as 8 feet.

I hope this gives you a little knowledge as to why we decided to add homestead meat rabbits. Please subscribe to our newsletter for daily updates and special information only to subscribers. We will be adding more information on rabbit raising.


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    • Congratulations to Samantha! She is correct the meat rabbits we have chosen is the American Rabbit. Once the most popular meat breed in America!

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