Forced Labor keeps coming down the pike wanted or not!

Forced Labor

I was reading another great article from Patrice Lewis and it reminded me that forced labor keeps getting pushed down our throats. I agree that there is a coming war as the people that produce get tired of supporting the consumers. Every year more and more money gets taken from the people that actually produce and more given to the people that consume.

People will generally say that taxes are necessary in a civilized society, but the reality is that anything that takes something from one person is a crime. We are requiring forced labor to pay for other people to not produce. That is not effective and can not be sustained. There is another word for that and it is called communism.

There will be blow back if the current trends continue. The time is coming where enough is enough. The movement is growing and the following article shows some great steps on how to be ready. You can see by the date that it is not new, but just becoming more of the main stream thought process.

It has been interesting to see the thought process of some pretty mainstream people. The idea of forced labor is not appealing to many. I have heard from some pretty liberal people how enough is enough and they are not willing to pay more or take any more rules or regulation. The forced labor and disarmed citizens that the Central Committee in Washington DC envisions is not the reality.

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